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Intent Designs • Los Angeles

Intent Designs is a new clothing company specializing in luxury designer streetwear for musicians, artists and skaters. Established in 2015, Intent Designs features gold bars as its logo. A great portent for the brands over-all styling which is urban and crisp. The gold bars proclaim loud and clear:“The Process of Elimination. Respect, Fortune, and Success”.
The logo also seems to say, “Welcome to our world, welcome to our city – Los Angeles. If you want to play here you’ve got to get the look. What is the look?Simple, comfy, bold and of the city.”
And coming from California, the home of skater streetwear, Intent Designs delivers quality clothing. The subtle style says more than the loudest bling; their designers seem to understand that craft is quality and when you order they jump – all items sent out same day, no exceptions, no excuses.
What’s instore now?Be warned: you’ll want it all. Check it out anyway.
The Wealth Set
The Wealth Setfollows nicely with the gold bar theme of the logo. This collection of T-Shirts, sweats, polo tops and jackets is inspired by “the pursuit of success and the mentality needed to get to the top”.

The Wealth Set December, 2015

     As with all Intent Designs pieces are crafted with comfort, style and durability in mind. The gold bar logo set in side a crowned crest is a nice touch.
At present they cater more for women than men, but that is bound to change in the future as the company grows. While the selection may be small, it is big on quality:
Men’s: Red Cobra T-Shirt, Sky Blue Alpha Intent, White Logo Hoodie; Black Logo Hoodie, Black Intent Cobra T-Shirt, White Intent Cobra T-Shirt, Black PoE T-Shirt, White PoE T-Shirt, Team Intent Polo, Ribbed Snow Jacket.
Women’s: White Golden Intent, Black Golden Intent, Charcoal Golden Intent, Grey Golden Intent; all available in large and small.
Intent Designs streetwear is crafted with musicians, artists and skaters in mind; BMX and paintball activists are also welcome.Their stylists are actually skaters. As stylist/skater Iggy Ramirez writes on the website:
“Skateboarding is everything I dream of, and I’m here skating for this company to succeed with it, and to do it for those people who’ve been told they can’t do something because of who they are and where they come from. People have told me “Nobody can rise from the dirt.” They never killed my dream, instead they gave me fuel to carry on with it and prove them wrong! If I can make it this far, then you can make it too! No matter who you are or where you come from, greatness is there for anybody who’s willing to walk the tough road to get it. 100% Intent, let’s get it!”
Intent Designs also shows a commitment to their supporters but supporting them in return. They are always on the lookout for skaters to sponsor. So if you are a skater looking for sponsorship, look for shout outs. You’ll find them on their website and social media channels.